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Our Hygiene Protocol

We pride ourselves on how clean at a “Showroom Standard” we keep our facility.

On top of a cleaning company coming in weekly to deep clean our facility, we stick to a 3 step hygiene protocol to keep you as safe as possible.

Hand Sanitization
At every individual workout pod, each person will have their own hand sanitizing station as well as an additional personal cleaning kit.

Social Distancing
Our overall aim is to ensure all clients feel 100% safe and comfortable while enjoying their training experience. With our “mini gym designation’ this allows us to keep at least 2 metres social distancing at all times, with plenty of room to maximize your session safely.

With our on site spray fogger (CE-marked hospital grade system). It allows us to disinfect viruses & bacteria both on surfaces and in the air along with infection control. Making it so much easier to keep every inch of the facility clean.