Semi Private Personal Training

SPPT sessions are held in our facility with no more than 6 people in a session.

Obtaining all the benefits of one to one personal training within a small group, while at a fraction of the cost.

In every session, each client will essentially have their own “personal gym within a gym”

There is no sharing of equipment, having your own cardio equipment, dumbells, kettlebells etc… so you can maximize your time in the gym.

This also enables us to maintain social distancing (At least 2 metres at all times)

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Appointment Only

DMPT run “Appointment Only” based personal training sessions.

All sessions must be pre booked through our app to reserve your space with us each day you attend. This means we can keep tabs on how many times you train with us weekly/ monthly, which leads to a higher level of accountability.

Higher accountability = Greater results

This also allows us to plan ahead for any changes we need to make for your session visit.

We have a set number of people allowed in our facility at any one given time, that alongside our set session times means we can safely and correctly clean (see our hygiene protocol) before, between & after every single session.

Additional Online Services

Outside of our in person personal training sessions, we also provide an online training platform.

This is broken down into the following:

Live Online Sessions
Our live online sessions run 5 times per week with a trainer guiding you through your session via zoom.

On Demand Workouts
Our pre recorded personal training sessions available & ready for you choose from at any time. Full workout demos & details provided with all videos.

Our Online Support Groups
Your time with us here at DMPT is much more than just 1 hour a day.

We offer 24/7 around the clock online support with our 2 online support groups.

DMPT Inner Circle – Gym updates, workout tips and much more.

DMPT Nutrition – Our on site nutritionist covers all things nutrition with videos explaining calories, fat loss tips, workout nutrition etc…

Our Hygiene Protocol

We pride ourselves on how clean at a “Showroom Standard” we keep our facility.

On top of a cleaning company coming in weekly to deep clean our facility, we stick to a 3 step hygiene protocol to keep you as safe as possible.

Hand Sanitization
At every individual workout pod, each person will have their own hand sanitizing station as well as an additional personal cleaning kit.

Social Distancing
Our overall aim is to ensure all clients feel 100% safe and comfortable while enjoying their training experience. With our “mini gym designation’ this allows us to keep at least 2 metres social distancing at all times, with plenty of room to maximize your session safely.

With our on site spray fogger (CE-marked hospital grade system). It allows us to disinfect viruses & bacteria both on surfaces and in the air along with infection control. Making it so much easier to keep every inch of the facility clean.

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21 Day Personal Training Trial

What To Expect On Your 21 Day Trial

Full Access To All Of Our Semi Private Personal Training Program (Flexible Session Times)

Our Online Nutrition Portal Including 24/7 Support From Our On Site Nutritionist

Unlimited Access To Our Online Training Platform

Bonus In Person Sweat Sessions

Full Body Analysis Scan (Breakdown Of Weight, Muscle Mass, Body Fat % Etc..)

Success Strategy Session With A DMPT Trainer Prior To Starting Your Trial

Our Location

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Results Without Restriction

At DMPT, when it comes to health & fitness our mission is to get you results without restriction.
So what does that mean?
If you like a glass of wine or chocolate occasionally, we will do everything we can as fitness professionals to ensure that stays in your weekly diet. We are here to show you that it is possible to still have a social life, eating the foods you like with people you love, while training in the background and getting the results you’ve always wanted!
Health and fitness should (and can) be a staple in your lifestyle. All the 4 week fat loss programs will get you results short term. However, we are more about giving you the tools to do this for the rest of your life and enjoying it while doing so. 
We WILL get you results without restriction. 

21 Day Trial

If you’re ready to start a 21 day trial today or would like to learn more, please enter your details below: